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Rescue crew warming up at the Polar Bear Swim 2015 in Davis Bay.

Even if you don’t know the green side from the red side or the pointy end from the flat end, Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue appreciates your interest. This could be your opportunity to join a diverse team of fun people who like to learn new skills while contributing back to their local community. RCMSAR is a volunteer organization with the mission to save lives on the water. Achieving this mission requires people with a range of skills and experience, for both active SAR positions and support positions.

Friendships, passion and dedication

The regional organization is made up of more than 1,200 men and women from juniors of 16 years to seniors in their 80s, with every sort of education or background experience. Volunteers are trained to respond to all sorts of marine emergencies. We also help in areas such as administration, vessel maintenance, fund-raising and boating safety/education.

New members learning self recovery skills

Becoming an active SAR crew member requires passion, energy and time. The reward is friendship, fun and helping those in need. As well as on the water crew there are also management roles and supporting positions available. Ongoing training is provided both on the water and in the classroom at no personal cost. This a requirement for maintaining active status. Training includes skills such as boat handling, seamanship, navigation, radio operations, first aid, search and rescue and collision regulations.

All RCM-SAR stations are under the same overall organization and operate in the same manner of volunteer crews and supporters. Utilizing and maintaining modern, well equipped, purpose built rescue vessels, we remain at the ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Oyster Beach, Sechelt Inlet

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