Multiple taskings for RCM-SAR 12.

What a great weekend out on the water! Our crews were tasked 4 times to assist boaters in our area.

Tasking # 1LM 9 Mile Pt

We were tasked to locate 2 Stand Up Paddle boarders spotted off of Turnagain Island. It was a beautiful night, nice enough for an evening paddle. We searched the area and then headed over to Buccaneer Bay.

Our crew used FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red which can detect body heat) as well as night vision googles. Huge thanks to the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation for last years grant to purchase a FLIR unit for each of our vessels. After searching Buccaneer Bay we headed over to McNaughton Pt. and begun a shoreline search towards Smuggler Cove. With great local knowledge we picked our way through the narrow entrance and rocky shoreline. Situational awareness, teamwork and closed loop communications are imperative during an effective search. Our new David Clarke wireless headsets allow us to stay in constant communication with our team and Victoria Coast Guard Radio seamlessly. After  few hours of searching we called VCGR and informed them of our status, they stood us down and we proceeded back to base.

Tasking #2

Early Sunday morning we were tasked to attend to an injured boater. We were on scene at 0915. A vessel of opportunity got there first and gave the injured man some water. Our first responder attended to the patient with skill and concern. The injured man wanted was brought back to his camp and re united with his belongings.

Another day of great teamwork by Station 12…

Tasking #3

Volunteer with Station 12
We were tasked to find a 25 ft Boston Whaler that was adrift. Proceeding to the area we performed a quick search but no 25 ft Whaler was found. After contacting the reporting party we received a more detailed description and found a 17 ft Boston Whaler tied up to a log boom.
Victoria requested that we tow it to the Government Dock and then we stood down.

Tasking #4

As we headed over to the paddle festival the radio came alive again and we were tasked to a vessel taking on water. No one was on board and it had about a foot of water inside the stern that was partially submerged. No signs of oil or fuel leaks so again we stood down.

Our mission is to save lives on the water, we thank you for your support.

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