Storm warning

Heavy Rain Forecast

The rain will start around 4pm and intensify this evening. The heaviest rain is expected later this evening between 8pm and 1am. Total rainfall amounts will be 40-55mm by 4am tomorrow morning with the heaviest amounts south of Sechelt.

In terms of wind, the hardest hit areas will be from Halfmoon Bay northwards. Strong SE winds of 60-80km/h will begin around 7pmand peak at 80-90km/h between 10pm and 1am. Note these are the sustained winds and gusts could reach up to 100km/h.

Given all the leaves still on the trees, there is an increased risk of tree breakage and storm drains being clogged.


Matt MacDonald
A/ Warning Preparedness Meteorologist
Prediction and Services Directorate – Operations West
Meteorological Services of Canada
Environment and Climate Change Canada (EC3)


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