October’s Crew Member of the Month

Tonya Ste. Marie

Please join us in congratulating our crew member of the month who has been with RCMSAR Station 12 for 4 years!

Tonya’s achievements:

  • 2017-10-18 Coxswain Leadership 1
  • 2017-04-26 Flood and Swiftwater Hazard Awareness Course
  • 2017-02-26 First Responder #62191734
  • 2017-02-25 PFD Competency Evaluation
  • 2017-02-18 CISM 100
  • 2017-01-22 SFA (CPR – C) #40108102
  • 2004-07-13 PCOC #200029558
  • 2003-05-01 ROC-M #023487STE
Her journey:

Tonya started her journey as a supporting member spending countless hours at events such as the Sechelt Night market and numerous fundraising en devours. She was an integral part of the fundraising team helping us promote boating safety as well as the RCMSAR brand. Her contagious smile, passion for the sea and willingness to help others always attracts a positive public response to our cause.

One year ago she became an active SAR team member quickly dominating our new crew, crew level and advanced crew training programs. She has since become lead with our social media program developing a series of boating safety videos that have been well received by our followers. Tonya has increased our online presence exponentially, her dedication displayed in every aspect of involvement with our station.

Recently she has completed the first ever Coxswain Leadership 1 course facilitated at our regional training facility in Sooke BC. Graduating with top marks she will be an excellent asset to the leadership team at Station 12.

Passions outside RCMSAR:

Tonya works for the Sunshine Coast Community Services as a youth care worker. She has deep roots in our community and an impressive commitment to helping young adults. Some of her spare time is spent teaching youth to sail at the YMCA camp Elphinstone in the summer months. Completing the return journey of the Victoria to Maui sailing race last summer she can usually be found racing in the many other competitions held on the Sailish Sea. The ocean courses through her veins, her free spirit, adventuresome attitude and maritime experience make her a natural leader. RCMSAR Station 12 is grateful for her commitment and involvement.

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