Search and Rescue Dispatches March 2018

SAR Prepares for the Season


From Gibsons to Pender Harbour, four distinct Search and Rescue units comprised of 120 active crew members and over 50 supporting volunteers stand guard over the trails and shoreline, ocean and inlets of the Sunshine Coast. Well trained, and well prepared for a wide range of emergency situations, these volunteer crews act as an outdoor adventurer’s last hope, when the best-laid plans go awry. To be prepared for any event, each unit raises funds for meeting spaces, gear, training courses, emergency equipment as well as rescue vehicles and vessels to fulfill rescue duties. Contributions from generous community members and grants from local foundations, government and service agencies allow volunteers to focus on skill development and proficiency.

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Search and rescue vessels from Pender Harbour and Halfmoon Bay take part in a training exercise last month near the Earls Cove ferry terminal. Mark Wenn photo

Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue volunteers actively train and anticipate events that may entrap, trip or trick the unsuspecting trail or water enthusiast.

The month of February saw crew members refreshing their first aid skills, testing gear, pursuing safety certifications and practicing effective communications with other Coast resources. Ground and marine crews met in both indoor and outdoor classrooms to practice advanced search skills and to review crew communication and tasking drills.

For marine preparedness, crew members from Station 14 (Gibsons), Station 12 (Halfmoon Bay) and Station 61 (Pender Harbour) have been busy with first responder first aid certification, emergency operations essentials with Sunshine Coast Regional District, navigation, local area familiarity as well as radar and chart plotter electronic tool literacy.  New recruits have been on several check rides and are joining active crew on call rotations.

An impressive on-water training rendezvous was facilitated in February with three of the four RCMSAR vessels on the Sunshine Coast. Two crews from Station 12 and one from Station 61 mustered near Earls Cove ferry terminal where towing, pacing, boarding, first aid scenarios and search pattern exercises were practiced.  Developing skills and readiness, cross-Coast emergency response connections, crew familiarity and local area knowledge are top priorities for all Search and Rescue volunteers. On behalf of all four Coast crews, we thank you for your support, and wish you safe, and uneventful enjoyment of our great outdoors this spring.

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