2024 AGM

At this year’s Annual General Meeting – we had a lot to celebrate! 

Crew member and Sunshine Coast Marine Rescue Society President John Maddalozzo was nominated for and awarded the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Administrative Excellence Medal. The Medal of Administrative Excellence is given to members and non-members of the CCGA in recognition of outstanding administrative achievement or service to the Auxiliary. This requires services that were accomplished in a manner which is worthy of special recognition. Bravo Zulu John and thank you for your service and dedication!

We also have a tradition of handing out custom hand made clocks of our service area designed by ex member Brain Klassen to our members who have dedicated 5+ years of service. We were a little late to the boat on this for some but the following members received clocks and their 5 year pins: Amber Cottle (6.6 years), Gord Feenstra (7.5 years), Mike Metcalfe (6.6 years), Kevin Wood (5.6 years), John Howcroft (5.6 years), John Maddalozzo (7.5 years), Adam Hoult (7.5 years) and not pictured Erin Heeney (8.6 years) and Ron Knechtel (6.4 years). Thank you for your dedication! 

We also are fortunate enough to have two members who have been with RCMSAR12 for over ten years. Coxswains Tonya Ste. Marie (10.5 years) and Dave Brown (10.1 years) received their 10 year pins. An entire decade dedicated to saving lives on the water. 

We also want to recognize our outgoing Station Leader Adam Hoult. Your passion for leadership, safety and bringing people together is outstanding. We will always appreciate what you have done for us and wish you all the best in the future and all it holds for you and your beautiful and growing family! 

We are a small but mighty station. It is these members and the up and coming members who will be at these stages soon that dedicate countless hours both on and off the water in their volunteer roles for a passion that not all can understand. We have many stories of good times and hard times, early mornings and late nights, and a camaraderie that exists within us that keeps us tied together and going forward. For this, we are forever greatful. 

Bring on summer boating season!!!!

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