Canadian Aids to Navigation

You can Download the full Canadian Aids to Navigation Map PDF and the full Canadian Aids to Navigation Document PDF from the Canadian Coast Guard website.

Fixed Aids To Navigation

The characteristics of fixed aids are for identification purposes. They consist of the light colour, flash character, and the colour and shape of the structure, as advertised in the appropriate List of Lights, Buoys and Fog, Signals publication. Read More…

Lateral Buoys and Isolated Danger Aids

The buoyage system used in Canada corresponds to the International Association of marine aids to navigation Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Maritime Buoyage System which has been adopted by all major maritime nations in the world. This system includes lateral, isolated danger, cardinal and special buoys. Read More…

Cardinal Aids

Cardinal buoys indicate the location of the safest or deepest water by reference to the cardinal points of the compass. There are four cardinal buoys: North, East, South and West. Read More…

Special Buoys

Special buoys are used to convey specific information to the mariner. These buoys are not primarily used to assist in the navigation of the vessel. The shapes of special buoys have no significance and a variety of shapes may be used in practice. Read More…

Light Flashing Characteristics

Lights of different colours are used to assist recognition of the marks in the Canadian Aids to Navigation system. Red and Green lights for the lateral buoys, White lights for the cardinal, isolated danger and safe-water buoys and Yellow lights for special buoys. Please refer to Canadian Coast Guard website for more information.

If you are looking for information on vessel navigation lights please go here.

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