Bobbie the Safety Boat

Bobbie is a robot that interacts with kids and adults, teaching them about boating and water safety.

Operators use a remote control device to activate Bobbie´s movements. He also has a voice-altering headset to give messages about boat safety. Kids are given booklets and try on personal flotation devices as well.

Bobbie the Safety Boat offers a fun and educational way to bring about boating safety awareness in our community. Our mission is to provide marine rescue service and promote public boating safety within the Pacific region.

RCM-SAR has a fleet of Bobbies who reside with various stations up and down the coast. He is very much in demand and appears at many schools and public events. Parades, fairs, and marine festivals are his favorite venues. Bobbie is molded after his American counterpart “Coastie”.

The Bobbie program is very popular with children and adults, Bobbie travels widely.  He makes many school visits each spring until the holidays begin. As well Bobbie is always a hit during visits to boat shows, parades, fairs, marine festivals and other water related events.

RCMSAR 12 has showcased Bobbie at community events such as the Canada Day parade, elementary school visits, day cares and attended several times at the. YMCA Camp Elphinstone.

Our team invites anyone interested to email: to book Bobbie and his team for a fun and lively presentation on boating safety.