Sunday School April 23, 2017

Helping save lives on the water!

The smell of outboard fills the air as the 2017 boating season begins.

Station 12’s members want to remind you to check your safety gear for out of date items. Such as dead batteries, replenishment needs or refills etc. Make sure you have a life jacket or PFD for every person on board. Enough fuel to get to your destination and back (with some in reserve) is always a great idea. Look for us on the water to receive your free Vessel Safety Survey and safety kit. Or contact if you would like to book a full Pleasure Craft Safety Check.

A VHF radio is a great addition to your boating experience. With today’s models being smaller and less expensive they are easy for anyone to carry. If you are having an emergency on the water use channel 16 on the VHF, or dial *16 on your mobile.

Play safe and have fun!

Footage courtesy of Bart Borebski

Search & Rescue Dispatches March 14, 2017

jane macdonald sarSunshine Coast Search and Rescue volunteers actively ‘stand on guard for thee’. The month of February saw crew members snowshoeing, practicing rope rescue techniques, swimming, testing gear, heaving throw lines, refreshing First Aid skills and learning how to respond to potential overdose situations. Ground and marine crews met in both indoor and outdoor classrooms to practice necessary search skills and to review effective crew communication and tasking drills. Keeping our land and waters ‘glorious and (event) free’ is a calling heeded by our local volunteers who willingly step into situations where many fear to tread.

On land, Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue was tasked in an urban setting and assisted RCMP in locating a missing male in the Gibsons area. SAR crew practiced several rescue drills on Dakota Ridge, employing local area navigation with the help of our dedicated search team volunteers and two of our greatest tools of the trade—UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) and Echo, our very own Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue canine. The unit is planning to renovate its meeting and secure storage space at John Hind-Smith Hall on Solar Road in Wilson Creek.  Also this month, the SCSAR crew honours the retirement of a respected search manager, Jim Janke, who will be greatly missed.

sar search

Robert Allen photo

For marine preparedness, crew members from Station 14 (Gibsons), Station 12 (Halfmoon Bay) and Station 61 (Pender Harbour) have been busy with Critical Incident Stress recognition and management training, First Responder first aid certification and Emergency Operations Essentials with Sunshine Coast Regional District.  New recruits have been on several check rides and are joining active crew on call rotations.

From Gibsons to Pender Harbour, four distinct Search and Rescue units comprised of 120 active crew and over 50 supporting volunteers standing guard over the Sunshine Coast’s trails and shoreline.  Each unit raises funds for meeting spaces, gear, training courses, rescue equipment, special vehicles or vessels to fulfill rescue duties.  Contributions from generous community members and grants from local foundations, government and service agencies allow volunteers to focus on skill development and proficiency.  Donations are greatly appreciated and are accepted online via

Search & Rescue Dispatches February 15, 2017

SAR teams continue to practice for all weather conditions

jane macdonald sarThese challenging days of snow and icy winter are no match for the spirit and energy of Search and Rescue volunteers, who continue to spend their time upgrading personal skills and technical knowledge. For these teams, a life-affirming antidote to cabin fever and media overload is found in the active application of compassion, teamwork and service to one’s local community. Local SAR volunteers, across land and sea, are bound by a personal commitment to community service and a love of the Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty and marine wonders.

SAR teams continue to practice for all weather conditions. A day-long practice session was held at Dakota Ridge on Jan. 8 during which snowmobile, snowshoes and the UTV were all put to the test. The unit’s search dog and rope rescue team also took the opportunity to work in the deep snow. On the community front, one of our SAR members made a presentation on what we do to the local Pathfinders group at their “Be Prepared” Camp at Sarah Wray Hall in Irvine’s Landing on Jan. 22. SAR continues to hone its map and compass skills with indoor classroom learning complemented by outside practical skills – in the dark.

On the waterfront, Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue volunteers work on refining their understanding of Aides to Navigation, Collision Regulations and First Aid practice and drills.  At the end of February, members of Station 12 will be hitting the pool at the Sechelt Aquatic Centre to ensure everyone is comfortable in their gear and in multiple water-based scenarios.

Winter’s long nights provide time for reflection on the importance of training and preparedness, ensuring the safety of our crew and vessels.  On March 2, British Columbia’s Search and Rescue volunteers will unveil a memorial to our fallen at the grounds of the BC Legislative Buildings.  It is with great and enduring sorrow that we recognize the names of two RCMSAR Station 12 members who will be inscribed on the memorial: Angie Nemeth and Beatrice Sorensen. Proud team members whose contribution and commitment will never be forgotten. The monument will be located near similar memorials for BC’s police, fire and ambulance personnel. It will honour marine, air and ground SAR volunteers who gave their lives in the line of duty and serve as a permanent reminder of the contribution of SAR.

February 2017 Compass Newsletter

Read the latest information  news, taskings, events and photos.


• Bravo Zulu – Kitkatla crew wins prestigious award
• Training with our CCG partner
• Crewmember of the month – Dugal Purdie
• A new boat for Saanich
• Rescue Roundups
• CEO’s Perspective: An update from Pat
plus much more!

Download the February 2017 Compass Newsletter

2017 Sunshine Coast Lions Club Sechelt Polar Bear Swim

Join the RCMSAR•12 team for “soup and rescue” at the annual Polar Bear Swim hosted by the Sunshine Coast Lions Club Sechelt

Soup and hot chocolate to warm your soul.

Registration starts at 11:00, swim at 12:00

The Lions Club has 5 group categories; Youth, Teen, Adult, Master, and Family. There are prizes for the top 3 in each category. There are t shirts available for purchase and there is a concession. Come on down for this annual coast tradition.

Lions Club Polar Bear Swim 2015, Sechelt, Sunshine Coast
Polar Bear Swim2015, Davis Bay

Search training

Training opportunities 

Training 10:48 Wed Dec 21, we departed Secret Cove boat house, at Welcome pass we met SE 15-25 knot winds, 3 feet seas with the occasional 5 footer. Peter H was at the helm , there was some wind driven spray come over the port side of the boat as we headed for the northwest side Merry Island, the lee side.

We relaxed for a few minutes, Peter H had done great job, maintained speed and kept the ride smooth, good on the sticks for heavy weather handling. At 11:20 Randal E took over, we were one cable off the shore and followed the west side of Merry Island passing the south cardinal buoy on our port heading towards Sargent’s Bay.

We got more involved with our electronics knowing there were Coast Guard vessels already involved. Our AIS search found the Cape Cockburn. It was a couple of miles out of Selma Park breakwater heading towards it. At 11:37 we headed towards Selma Park. As we approached we saw the Cape Cockburn and to aft what looked like a boat being towed. As we got closer we realized it was an orca. 12:00 The Cape Cockburn took the whale from a stern tow to an along side and moved closer to the shoreline. The Department of Fisheries had their RHIB there who took the hand off and moved the whale to the shore.

At 12:25 Sue B took over helm. Now we had following seas for the ride home, the wind had come down a bit . We had a great ride where Sue got to practice heavy weather handling. Back at the boat house at 12:08 it was a good day with a good team. Always good to practice what we know in more challenging situations.

Dave Brown, Coxswain

“The Sechelt Nation is very thankful for all the efforts that RCMSAR12 contributed today. Between DOF and the Cape Cockburn from French Creek it was towed to Selma Park breakwater..”

Peter Forster, Deputy Station Leader

Search & Rescue Dispatches Nov 12, 2016

jane macdonald sar

The Ken Moore and her crew out for training


While one word does not make a sentence, it sums up the feelings shared by all Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue and volunteers, on land and at sea. October and early November presented a bounty of recognition events, community support and generous donor contributions.


Thanks to the leadership and initiative of the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, a Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue Endowment Fund was officially established. Three Coast-wide RCM-SAR Societies, representing Gibsons, Halfmoon Bay / Sechelt and Pender Harbour together will benefit from the generosity of our community. Within a week of its formation, a very generous couple (you know who you are) donated $2,500 to help us save lives on the water. Please consider joining them when planning your annual gift giving or estate. The income from this fund will be used for critical operations and equipment requirements.

New Recruits

New recruits to Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue have been busy getting their initial credentials in order, including criminal record checks, self-recovery water practice, extensive reading, and classroom review sessions of the Crew Orientation Manual.  The enthusiasm demonstrated by new members as well as the time and dedication of active crew who help train the next class is both impressive and humbling.


On Nov. 3, Station 12 (Halfmoon Bay / Sechelt) held its 3rd Annual Beer & Burger Night at the Lighthouse Pub. Over 250 guests showed up to support our volunteers and took part in a fun-filled evening that included food, beverages and lots of mingling.  On the fundraising side, guests enjoyed a Silent Auction featuring Crew Favours with a variety water-based adventure packages, Raffle prizes and 50/50 draws. The night was enjoyed by all, generating in excess of $11,000 dollars to support crew training and safety equipment.


Bill Lawson

On Nov. 5, members of the public joined current and past members of Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue (Land) to celebrate 40 years of community service.  The well-attended Anniversary & Open House featured displays, demonstrations and speeches from dignitaries as well as past members. We sincerely thank all friends and supporters who joined the celebration. Bill Lawson, one of the founding members of Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue (Land), cuts the 40th anniversary cake at the Nov. 5 celebration. Jan Schuks photo (right)

Call-outs & Training

While fairly quiet on the call-out front, several members recently completed a SAR medic first aid course, rope team practice and helicopter evacuation procedures.  The expressions and demonstrations of community support fuel the crews with confidence and affirm our shared belief that what we do actually makes a difference to residents on the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you for your support.


Search and Rescue Dispatches

SCSAR Rope Rescue         October 10.2016


Preparing for the season of shorter days and colder nights, Search and Rescue (SAR) teams on the Sunshine Coast remain busy on land and on the water. Volunteer crews have responded to taskings, heeded the call to go back to school and welcomed new recruits to their stations.

In September, Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue assisted four hikers in the Chapman Creek area and a hiker who had fallen and injured an ankle on the Skookumchuck Trail.  In both instances, volunteers helped to guide or deliver lost or hurt adventurers to safety.  On Sept 25th, 34 local mountain bikers gathered  to race and express their thanks to the local Sunshine Coast Search & Rescue.  Winners of the BRAT Enduro were decided by a handicap scoring system based on the racer’s age.   This meant that fastest overall racers Magnus Manson and Katie Button conceded defeat to their elders; Bob Stanhope and Allison Lynch.  A fun time was had by all and $750 went to Search and Rescue.

Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue will be having an open house Saturday Nov. 5th from 1-4 PM at the John Hind Smith Hall (1975 Field Road-next to the SCRD building). The public is welcome to come view our operations and celebrate 40 years of serving the Sunshine Coast.

On the water, Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue‘s Fall Recruiting Campaign brought forward over a dozen capable and enthusiastic new volunteers to commence training with our station in Halfmoon Bay/Sechelt.  New recruits will pursue both classroom theory and practical skill training, including Pleasure Craft Operators Certification, Local Area Knowledge, First Aid, Restricted Operator Course-Maritime and self rescue training over the upcoming Fall/Winter months.

Station 12 has been tasked with several Pan Pan calls, responding to a state of urgency but no immediate danger to anyone’s life or to vessels.  A recent night call involved a 22’ sailboat which had lost both rudder and power.  Thanks to concerned homeowners on shore who sent SOS signals off Trail Islands, the vessel and its two cold and scared owners were towed to a safe harbour.

The station and its society members are busy preparing for the upcoming Beer and Burger” fundraiser and silent auction at the Lighthouse Pub on Thursday, 5-9:00 p.m. November 3rd .  All members of the community are invited to join us for what promises to be a fun event!

By Jane Macdonald,

RCMSAR Station 12 Volunteer



Storm warning

Heavy Rain Forecast

The rain will start around 4pm and intensify this evening. The heaviest rain is expected later this evening between 8pm and 1am. Total rainfall amounts will be 40-55mm by 4am tomorrow morning with the heaviest amounts south of Sechelt.

In terms of wind, the hardest hit areas will be from Halfmoon Bay northwards. Strong SE winds of 60-80km/h will begin around 7pmand peak at 80-90km/h between 10pm and 1am. Note these are the sustained winds and gusts could reach up to 100km/h.

Given all the leaves still on the trees, there is an increased risk of tree breakage and storm drains being clogged.


Matt MacDonald
A/ Warning Preparedness Meteorologist
Prediction and Services Directorate – Operations West
Meteorological Services of Canada
Environment and Climate Change Canada (EC3)



Congratulations Mike on your recent completion of SAR Nav1.

Mike has been with RCM-SAR 12 for 4.5 years. In those years he has logged 196 hours of sea time, 238 hours training and numerous others helping with maintenance, community events and administration. This brings him to a total of 534 hours !

Thank you for your dedication.

Congratulations Mike Carson!


The Regional Office in East Sooke BC is the home of the RCM-SAR FAST RESCUE CRAFT SIMULATOR. Crews are trained and tested on this state-of-the-art vessel simulator.  It is a full-scale mock up of a rescue vessel, complete with navigation electronics, communications, and helm station.  Computer-generated scenery and sound create a highly realistic environment for teaching navigation and search and rescue skills.